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About Tapp's

Tapps Garden Centre is a family run second generation business, with a third coming along.

The company moved to Baldock on the 1st of October 1986, starting with a farm shop and plant nursery,  having over the years gradually grown, becoming a plant centre, then to what is now the garden centre. Development plans will see us expanding even more rapidly over the next twenty years as we look to serve North Hertfordshire's ever-expanding community.  

The founders of the company Graham and Susan Tapp moved to Baldock from Kent where they had various horticultural and agricultural enterprises. Grahams family have been in agriculture and horticulture for generations, growing, tending and selling just about everything. 

Graham has been in management of large-scale horticulture since 1980 eventually managing 800 acres of top and soft fruit before making a move to Baldock in 1986. Having been born into horticulture in the fifties, he has experience of a widely and fast-changing industry and writing about it regularly in various publications, a sample of which you can read in our blog section. 

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