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2023 Is A Year Of Change!

We Are In The Process Pre-Seasonally Of Changing Our Compost Supplier To Be All ORGANIC & PEAT FREE.

Multipurpose Compost


Multipurpose Compost


Ideal for:

  • Sowing Seeds and Cuttings

  • Hanging Baskets and Containers

  • Beds and Borders


Pro 5 All Purpose Compost

Ideal for:

  • Premium quality compost for all-round garden use

  • The traditional formula for exceptional results

  • Blended with a unique set of nutrients for complete plant feeding

  • With added vermiculite to improve the air-water balance for strong roots

  • Perfect for growing many types of seeds and cuttings, and ideal for tubs and baskets


Happy All Purpose Compost

  • For successful seed sowing, beautiful flowers, productive fruit and vegetables. The All Purpose compost is vegan. A great choice for the everyday gardener.

  • Grow happy, grow vegan

  • Rich in organic matter

  • Peat Free  

John Innes Compost


John Innes Seed

Ideal for:

  • Sowing Seeds

  • Cuttings

  • General Propagation


John Innes No. 1

Ideal for:

  • Transplanting Seedlings

  • Newly Rooted Cuttings

  • Potting On


John Innes No. 2

Ideal for:

  • Repotting House Plants

  • Potting on Plants

  • Medium Size Pots


John Innes No. 3

Ideal for:

  • Established Containerised Plants

  • Final Potting

  • Top Dressing


John Innes Ericaceous​

Ideal for:

  • Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias

  • Lime-hating Plants

  • Better Stability for Pot Grown Plants

Specialist Compost


Tub & Basket Compost

Ideal for:

  • Hanging Baskets

  • Container Planting

  • Window Boxes


Ericaceous Compost

Ideal for:

  • Lime Sensitive Plants

  • Azaleas & Camellias

  • Rhododendrons & Heathers


Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost

Ideal for:

  • Containerised Trees, Shrubs & Roses

  • Potting on or Planting Out

  • Beds & Borders

  • Peat Free

Grow your own


Multipurpose Grow Bag

Ideal for:

  • Grow Your Own at Home

  • Greenhouses or Patios

  • Fruit and Vegetables

  • Indoor and Outdoor


Fruit & Vegetable Planter

Ideal for:

  • Grow Your Own at Home

  • Greenhouses or Patios

  • Fruit and Vegetables

  • Indoor and Outdoor

  • Peat Free

Bark Chip and Mulches


Medium Chip Bark​

Ideal for:

  • Decorative Ground Cover

  • Suppressing Weeds

  • Protecting Roots from Frost

Soil Improvers


Enriched Top Soil

Ideal for:

  • Replacing Old Soil in Borders

  • Creating Raised Beds

  • Lawns and Landscaping


Farmyard Manure Soil Improver

Ideal for:

  • Improving Soil Composition

  • Mulching
    Planting Out

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