Charles Taylor Trading

Traditional handcrafted garden furniture,

made in the UK and delivered fully treated and assembled.

Traditional Chair


Classic Design

Ergonomically designed for extra comfort

D-740 , W-680 , H-980mm

RRP £99 / OUR PRICE £149

Twin Companion Set


Traditional 'love' seat

Two chairs with a detachable angle tray

Classic English Design
D-900 , W-1800 , H-980mm

RRP £299 / OUR PRICE £199

Traditional 2 Seater Bench


Memorial plaques upon request

Fitted cushions can be provided

D-740 , W-1180 , H-980mm

RRP £199 / OUR PRICE £119

Traditional Coffee Table


Versatile outdoor table

Easy portable design

Unique style to compliment our range

D-900 , W-530 , H-455mm

RRP £99 / OUR PRICE £60

4 Seater Table Set
Four traditional chairs and one rectangular table (L-1370, W-950,  

H-800mm) complete with hole for parasol
D-1900 , W-2200 , H980mm

RRP £549 / OUR PRICE £449

6 Seater Table Set
Two traditional chairs, two 2 seater benches and one rectangular table  
D-2450 , W-2900 , H-980mm

RRP £699 / OUR PRICE £599

Planter Bench


Two square planters with joining bench

Great feature for any garden

Classic design

D-470 , W-1980 , H-460mm

RRP £149 / OUR PRICE £119

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