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2020 Year for change !

Updated: May 20

Well its march 2020! We at Tapps are making some changes here, last year we started to phase in new recyclable pots this years we have to decided to push more into re- using pots by phasing out older black pots and polystyrene trays.

♻️These green plant trays are phasing in to replace the black plastic & polystyrene trays. Again they are made from recycled plastic bottles & are fully recyclable on your curbside,can be re-used or dropped back to us ♻️

Any plants grown by us will be planted in some of these rainbow pots.

Not only are they fancy colourful but fully recyclable on curbside recycling or pop them back to us & we will re-use them 🌱

As well as the industry cutting down on black plastic, polystyrene & councils recycling more & more.

We think this is a great start 👍


plus we are also growing more of our own range of plants

so lets make 2020 a greener year

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1 Comment

May 06, 2020

Thanks for a very easy and efficient method of buying much needed compost this morning (my seedlings say thank you). I collected at the appointed time and didn't see anyone at all. I was able to simply drive your car park, pick up and drive home completely isolated.

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